Christine Renee Czetwertynski

Christine Czetwertynski enrolled in the Craniosacral Practitioner Program at the Life Energy Institute in 2011.

Her daughter initially led her to the healer world. For things like birth trauma and a common cold, Christine was recommended to a DO (Doctor of Osteopathy). What the Dr did was very curious and it worked. 

Down the road, some far-out people suggested she learn a DO's craniolsacral methods. This seemed like a leap without a medical background, but she tried it signing up for the LEI intro to Cranial Unwinding.


On that first day of class in Temescal Canyon, California, something clicked. Actually, something more than clicked. All of this healing stuff felt really, really good and she was hungry for more.

In class she learned, that there are many different ways people define themselves within this work. Whatever a person's framework: "Doctor" or "Healer" is an individual's preference. The work DO's or Craniosacral Practitioners do more or less follows the same principals.

Cranial work is about the spine, the skull and the sacrum. These are components of the Craniosacral System. Just as there is a nervous, circulatory, respiratory system and so on, there is a cranial system. Cranial practitioners believe that a balanced craniolsacral system, restores health by activating the body's inherent healing abilities. 

The Healing Arts could seem like a big departure from Christine Renee's previous carrer, as for the past ten years she was a DJ. A departure maybe, but she sees cranial work as a continuation of all she experienced in that time, "In post 9-11 New York, the best way we could make sense of our world was to dance, embody the music and be with each other. Dancing til sunrise was my first taste of energy healing."

None the less, she left New York for the Pacific in 2006 embarking on what almost became a proper seven year sabbatical. Her journey started in Costa Rica and ended in Venice, CA with a husband and a daughter.

Back in New York, Christine continues to be a student of Craniolsacral work with a projected graduation date from the LEI in 2015. Currently, she works out of her home and under the protection of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act as a Minister of the Universal Life Church.

Still a student, Christine practices by donation only. She puts it simply,
"Helping people feel good, feels good and who doesn't want to feel good?"



Christine has also studied:
Sound Healing or Biosonics under John Beaulieu
is a distributor of Young Living Oils
and is friends with the Heavy Nettle herbalists